Sunday, October 28, 2012

On Anak Cucu Amad Sukaneka Day!

Held at my place (yesterday), we had so much fun.. Soooo much fun!!!

Before i start my entry, let me tell you something.. Hehehehe.. We are so proud with all our team members, and with 2 kids along (Aidan and Hessa), Kekhairi and I could not join most of the games prepared by Bemz, Far, Atyn and Mamat.. With this, we are so proud to get the first prize, although dari belakang!! Hahahaha.. Yes, yours truly and team GREEN ended up at 4th place! Uwaaaa, so sorry Iman, Omar, Remj, Atyn and Sha.. But Atyn sporting enough to let my kid participate in one of the games, saying that we just wanna have fun, and that it is okay to let him join in.. Hehehe.. Thanks Atyn! :)

We had light breakfast first, and started our sukaneka at around 9.. Everyone was sporting enough to support their team.. I was so happy to see my dear Kak Shah, Kak Nab, my sis in law- Kak Faridah, Kak Aminah and Kak Liha, Abang Johan, nephews and all, gave their very best in the games they were in.. Bravo all!!!

Ended up at around 12, we took a short lunch break, and with some of my nieces and nephews here, i took the chance to celebrate all September babies birthday.. That includes Aidan, daddy, Farah and Fatin.. And i prepared them some chicken ball tomyam (quick one :P) and some fried chicken by daddy..

Later, they had badminton and futsal tournaments, but i couldn't join them as Aidan and Hessa were fast asleep the minute we reached Opah's.. Daddy joined the rest and when he reached home, he told me that RED team won this year, and we ended up at 4th place.. Hahahaha.. Now, where's my trophy.. :((( Uwaaaa! :P

The prize giving ceremony were held at Achik's and what a great way to end our 2 days family sukaneka, we had BBQ!! (yes, we decided to make it a 2 day sukaneka, as everyone had their own things on Sunday).. My mak was the one who gave away the prizes and medals.. She was excited too, and smiled all the way, giving medals to her kids, in laws, and grandkids.. Yes, since it was Anak Cucu Ahmad's Sukaneka Day, ofcoz we would like his wife to end the event and she did wonderfully.. :) Love you mak!!!

Okie dokie, pictures time.. :)) We had so much FUN!!!

Credit to the organizers, and all family members who paticipated this year.. Yes, not all could join as they had their things going on too, but truts me, they were there as well, in our hearts.. :)) Looking forward for next year's sukaneka.. :)) Thanks all.. :)

They came in style.. Fear not GREEN team.. :p

Out team member, Iman.. :)

Opah was here too.. :))
Blue team - Ateh and Nana.. :)

Red team - Makngah and Bemz.. :)

Breakfast- roti canai.. :)

Training time.. :P

The moment of truth - mummy and Dan Dan.. :P

Battle of the sisters.. The first to go.. :P

Love my sisters.. :P Look at Achik.. :P

Sisters.. :))

The kids had their round too.. :)

Pity Miss Hessa.. Next year, kay adik?? :)


Good job, Aidan.. :))
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