Friday, October 26, 2012

 Jom raya!! Saya, Aidan.. Ini adik saya, Hessa.. :)
 Our first family pic @ Eid Adha at Opah's.. :)

 Second one @ Pakcik's.. :)
 At Pakcik and Uncle Johnny's.. :)

Go go Green Team!!

Fresh from the oven.. Our Eid Adha Day 1! :)

Salam Eid Adha to all muslims out there.. After a day berpuasa Arafah, maka hari ini, semua umat Islam kembali beraya.. :)) Eid Adha this year disambut dengan meriah dengan the whole family from both side.. Still, renungan of Eid Adha is there.. :)
Tahun ni, i decided to prepare some rendang, and using my mak's recipe, i ended up sleeping at 1.30 am last night.. Hahahaha, gara2 bersilat di dapur sorang2.. :P Yes, start masak pun dah lambat sebab sampai rumah dah 10 lebih.. I shall mind myself to get the ingredients earlier next time.. :P Alhamdulillah, dapat prepare a dish for raya and bawa ke KJ.. :)
Pagi2 raya, as usual, siap2 kan anak, and sedar2 dah pukul 9 lebih.. Yes, mummy siap awal, but the kids, sorang dah bangun, sorang lagi still beradu.. Better buat keje rumah sikit.. Hehehe.. :P So, we ended up sampai Section 7 at 9 plus, and thought were were the ones that arrived late.. :P Got to see the handsome baby Ilyas, got to carry him, i just love the feeling of having to carry a baby.. He was so calm and i felt calm too.. Love the feeling.. :)
Balik rumah Opah semula as Atyn, Far and Ibrahim wanted to brief about tomorrow's agenda.. Yes, we are having family sukaneka, at my place, kak Liha and the next day at Alang's.. :) We have got our team's t's (We are GREEN, we shall WIN! :P), and siap ada piala lagi for the winning team to bring home.. :) Best2.. :)) Good job to the organizers, for coming up with great activities for these 3 days.. :)) Malam ni ada charade and taboo, and yes, pizza for dinner for everyone.. :))
So, i just can't wait for tomorrow.. Wish my team the best of luck.. Nak simpan that trophy for this one year at my place, boleh dakkkk?? kekekeke.. :P
Later, we went to my in- laws, and after Jumaat prayer, we went straight to Pakcik's.. Pakcik and Uncle Johnny came all the way from Langkawi.. Pakcik prepared some food from Langkawi, and brought them here.. Best dapat makan daripada hasil tangan Chef Shukri.. :P Our own Masterchef.. :)) hehehe..
Got to meet Kedah's family, and ofcoz i felt like home the minute i saw them.. Hehehe..
Okie dokie, pictures time.. :))

 Hessa dan besar dah.. :))
 Cheeky kids @ pagi Eid Adha.. :)

 She looks exactly like me.. My oh my.. :))

 Kekekeke.. She is indeed special, and look at Aidan.. Chiwii.. :P

 I love you, kids!

 Jom pi rumah Opah!!!! :)

 This is just so funny.. kekekeke.. :P

 With baby Ilyas achu.. Sayang Ilyas banyakx1000!!!

 Mmmmmuax from kakak Hessa.. Kakak??? Not the youngest anymore baby.. Hahaha.. :P

 With cousins, Sha sha and Atyn! :)

 Briefing by Atyn.. :)

Pass baju team2 semua.. Ours is green.. :)

 GREEN TEAM!!!! :))

Aidan too.. :)) 

 Eyeing on the trophy everyone??? Kekeke.. Yes, tengok2.. Besok achu bawa balik rumah dah.. :P

 Our goalkeeper.. :))





 The lovely sisters.. :)

 Kak Ijan and Abang Hady.. :)

 Loving her black bow turban hijab.. Nakkkkk! :P

 Mummies, with kids and anak buah.. :)

 Kak Lisa love!

Yeahhh, that's all for today!!

Day 2, tomorrow! :P

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