Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On the Kids and their first Choo Choo Train ride (as they claimed)/ LRT ride.. :)

Found these pics of us, when their daddy decided to bring the kids for a ride on the LRT.. Excited kids, they went 'Hi train', and later 'Bye bye train!'.. :P

From KJ lrt, and only to Taman Jaya (4 stations away), we went for breakfast, made few rounds at Amcorp, and went back home.. :) Yes, we went all the way there just for the experience.. The kids love it!

The kids love Choo choo train.. and everytime nampak train toys or Thomas, mesti excited.. :)

Hessa barefoot at the station sebab tak nak for her to insist nak jalan sendiri.. Dangerous.. We carried her instead..

Macam tourist tak??.. He saw me taking their pics, and he thought i was taking pics of the buildings and houses we saw from the inside.. He decided to join me.. hehehe.. :P
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