Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Potty Training Dan Dan..

He's getting there.. :)

I am so proud and amaze with some of my friends who managed to potty trained their kids as early as 2 years plus! Bravo! :)) Anita and Amie.. Great job beb!!! :))

For us, we tried this before, as Aidan insisted not to wear his diaper last time, but i wasn't so sure about it the minute he accidently pee in his pants.. I know, it's normal and i just need to be patient and support him all the way.. It was easy back then, since we had no carpets.. :P

So i gave him another few months to really understand the concept of 'toilet training' and sometimes when we hit for shower, i would ask him to pee in the toilet, and complimented him for a job well done.. Sometimes he remembers, sometimes he either forget about it, or simply care less.. But at his age, this is simply normal..

But luckily, he understands even better now, and able to let us know beforehand, that last few nights, he stood frozen infront of me, saying that he wanted to pee-pee and we rushed to the toilet.. It took him some time to pee, but eventually he did.. He smiled all the way.. "Good job anak, mummy! Lepas ni you don't have to wear your diaper anymore" and as usual, he would reply "Yer, yer mummy.." :))

I am sure that he would be able to respond and cope well if i am at home everyday with him.. Since i am working and that both of them at Opah's, i am for sure not going to take the risk of letting him running here and there diaperless.. Hehehe.. Kesian Opah and Gee lak.. So potty training can only be done only during weekends.. Until he get an A+ from me, then only i can consider Weekdays-Diaperless-Freedom-He-Is-Longing-For! :P So far, so good.. :)

Good luck mummy and Aidan!! :P

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