Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reporting from DEMC..
Yes, reporting from DEMC, as i got admitted here last night.. :( I miss my kiddos.. I asked daddy to bring them home tonite (thanks makngah, far, atyn, shasha and mian, for taking care of them last night :)), as i am a big girl, i can take care of myself.. Just be with the kids, i would be very happy for that! :)
Please give them BIG HUGS, 3 times each, KISSES all over their faces, hands and palms, and please please, help mummy TICKLE them before they sleep.. It has become our daily routine, and i miss it so so much.. :( Take care kids..
p/s: Daddy, jangan lupa bagi Hessa makan ubat yer.. Thank you!! :)) Oh ya, i am gonna be here for few more days, as currently i am having diarrhea, so they need to quarantine me.. Getting better now, compare to last 2 days where i kept on vomiting and diarrhea, flu and cough, feverish.. *sigh..

Miss my babies.. :(
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