Sunday, October 21, 2012

Top: Aidan's footprint- paper weight when he was only 6 months old, theme: Spooky! :)
Upper left: Hessa's handprint at 1 year and 8 months old, theme: Girls stuff! :)
On the right: Hessa's footprint at 1 year and 8 months old, theme: LOVE! :)
Below: Aidan's handprint at 3 years and 2 months old, theme: Underwater! :)

Let's get messy with mummy.. :))

Hi all,
Do you still remember mummy's project for Aidan when he was 6 months old?? Yes, i made him, his own footprint- paper weight using clay (that is safe for kids).. :)) And now, we proceed with adik's, hehehe, i know, i started a little bit late, as Hessa is now 1 year and 8 months old.. :P Still, we had a pretty good time just now, playing 'press your hand here' and decor2.. :))
Using clay (got it at Daiso, and some bling2 sticker for Hessa) and my collections of dear stickers, we proceed with our project, and this time, they got to choose their own paper weight theme.. Adik went for girlie2 stuff, with pink and purple nail colors, LOVE, and Aidan simply picked the Underwater theme, with shark and corals, oh ya, his fingers print are also corals (yes, will transform his fingers print into corals later during coloring process.. :))
Now, we are still waiting for them to dry.. Later will update the result here.. :))
p/s: Daddy came up with his own project using the clay as well.. Later will post the pic here too.. :))
Love Sunday! Besok keje!! Yes!

 Daiso clay and my stickers, yup, i had them since Aidan was a baby.. Remember his Bumbo throne?? :)
 Couldn't decide on which stickers to go for..

 Aaaah.. Much better.. Sorry, had to ask them to take off their shirts.. hahaha.. We just got back home, and it was so hot just now.. :P

Mind you, i was pressing it gently, but my thumb is like that.. Hahahaha.. Lentik?? :P

 Deciding on what shape to proceed.. Yes, got an idea.. :)

 I paste the stickers first so that when the clay dried, the stickers would stick there.. :))

Can't wait to color them and put some more decorations.. :))

Wait for the final result, kay?? :)
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