Monday, November 19, 2012

Congratulations to the love birds.. Ainun and hubby.. :)

Congratulations to you too, Kak Aiza and hubby, sebab dapat menantu baru.. Alhamdulillah.. :)) Kak Aiza, is Makngah's daughter.. Makngah who i used to call, Makcik Azizah.. Now, my Makngah.. :P Yes, right after few years of dating Mr Hubby, then only i know that my Makcik Azizah is his aunty.. Hehehe.. Yup, Makcik Azizah used to be my neighbour back in Alor Setar, and selalu pegi rumah makcik, hantar kueh and what not from my mak.. And she is mak's surau buddy too.. :)))

So, yesterday, i got to meet her and Kedah's family, again.. Alhamdulillah.. Glad to see semua adik beradik my MIL sihat belaka.. But i guess, Maklang, Tok and Wa couldn't make it there.. Miss Maklang and Tok sebab lama tak jumpa.. Raya pun tak balik Kedah..

Later, we went to Atok's @ Klang, for a food feast! Hehehehe.. Yes, banyak food prepared by Klang's family, and i helped out at the Roti Jala station.. :P What an experience.. Dok bergelak jer with aunties sebab awal2 my roti jala, ada yang too thin and ada yang tak macam jala.. :P Kekekeke.. But, towards the end, Angah and Achik gave me the green light to open my own Roti Jala store, a way of saying, i did a great job, perhaps?! :P Kekekeke..

Okie dokie, pics time.. :))

Congrats.. congrats.. Too cute, the way the wifey held the hubby's hand.. :P

Sisters and nieces.. :)) My mama, Kak Ani, Kak Aiza and Makngah.. :))

Tokba and little Miss Hessa.. :)

Look-a-like?? Yes, no?? :P

With Asu Zikry.. :)

Jom pegi barber, Aidan!! :P Trim sikit, jom!

 Paknjang, Makngah LOVE and Pakngah.. :))
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