Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's out!! :)

Our own spread in Pa&Ma Magazine - December 2012 issue!

My DIY for my kids..

Thank you so much Pa&Ma for the lovely spread about me and my DIY activities for my kids.. To Kak Hasnita and the photographer, En Halim, thank you, thank you for coming to the house for a photoshoot session with my kids.. Aidan and Hessa.. :))
I showed the magazine to Aidan, and he was like 'Ehhh, Aidan? Itu daddy!' hehehe.. Surprise! Surprise anak mummy! :))
Thank you for the recognitions and compliments, i feel so honoured and humble to read it.. It is my passion to create a happy childhood (memories) for my kids, and to be part of their happy moments by creating something fun for parents and kids to participate together.. My DIY it is.. :))
Thank you again! :)))
p/s: Mind you, i am 31 years old (not 33 based on the mag).. Hehehe.. And it would be sweeter if the t's that Kak Hasnita mentioned, the one i made when i was expecting for Aidan also in the pic.. It is here, but in one of the baskets on the cupboard, jenuh nak kena cari.. Huhuhu.. But, i still love our own spread!
Yeahhhh!! :))

Get it now.. :P Chewah2! 

Blurry Hessa and 'Peace!' by Aidan.. :))
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