Tuesday, November 27, 2012


'Gedebukkkkk!' jatuh katil.. Yer, Aidan jatuh katil pagi smalam.. Nasib baik takder benjol ke apa.. Bukan sleep walking, perhaps, sleep crawling, or sleep rolling kot.. :P Kekeke..

The funny part is, katil the kids kembar with ours, and the only exit is to go pass us (our heads actually), and somehow, he managed to squeeze out (while sleeping).. Kelakar habis, but ofcoz pity my boy jatuh gedebuk!

I quickly picked him up, and this little fella was crying softly in his sleep.. Okay, i was panicked too, as i had no idea which part that hit the floor first.. His head, his body or what?? Didn't want to disturb Miss Hessa and daddy, i quickly took him out and let him sleep infront of the tv.. BUT, terus teringat Dr Cheng's advice to not let the BABIES that just fell down, sleep, as we need to monitor them for few minutes.. BUT THEN AGAIN, my boy is not a baby anymore.. And it was 4.25 in the morning, and he was really- really- really sleepy, and already calmed himself down.. So, i just let him be, but seriously, that 'gedebuk' sound agak kuat sebenarnyer.. *Sigh

So apa lagi, Happy Monday guys!! My Monday starts at 4.25 am.. Couldn't go back to sleep, as i needed to monitor him.. Belek punya belek, and belek some more, then doa jer lah and tawakal.. Nasib baik, that morning when he woke up, he was cheerful and all.. :)

Tuhla, everyday now, tido dalam bilik, tapi bangun depan tv.. :P Aidan sekali jer, yesterday only.. But Hessa is a special case.. Since last time memang tido depan tv, when we prepared the bedroom and decided to sleep there, Hessa kalau bangun, macam berada di tempat lain plak.. Kekok jadinya.. And ajak keluar bilik, suruh ambil bantal sekali, and sambung tido depan tv.. :)) Alolo.. Kadang2 mummy teman, kadang2 daddy teman.. Good! :))

Sayang.. sayang.. sayang sangatttt! :)) #mummy'salarmclock #4.25!! #grrrrrr!!! :P

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