Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nak.. nak.. nak..

The BEST ever, EDU toy!

Wooden Blocks!

Aidan's favorite.. He likes it so so so much! Boleh kata, every single night, he would build houses, castles, angry birds structures, robots, and sometimes ZOMBIES too.. :P I am so flattered that whenever he built something that he finds cool, or cantik, he would come jumping to me, and ask me to comment.. :P

Aidan got this toy/blocks during his 1st birthday party, and i couldn't remember who bought it for him.. Super like! But since the blocks came in a small container, the blocks pun tak berapa banyak.. But enough for his age (at that time), NOW, his creative imagination is super duper high, that sometimes he builds a castle or house, siap with 2 doors, and yang kelakar tuh, i heard he told his sister last night.. 'Adik, nih roof, nih door, pintu2, ni lampu!' Kekeke.. Describing what he just built.. His 'toast- bread' toy dah jadi lampu now.. How creative!.. :P So, blocks dah tak cukup.. Sometimes, he would make this sound like 'mMmmmmM.. Alaaaa, mana lagi, dah habis??'

So i guess, if later i want to buy him toys, this would be it.. Tak rugi, as it really exposes my kids to use their imgination and creative mind to come up with something awesome.. :)) Perhaps, bila dah boleh build house with lamps (:P), later Aidan can build a car too.. Semuanya untuk mummy.. :P Yes, sebab whenever he build something, he would say, 'untuk mummy!'.. Hihihi..

Okay, lepas nih mummy nak ada farm sendiri, with horses, and all, boleh??? :P

p/s: Teringat smalam masa main2 blocks dengan the kids, Aidan berlakon jadi zombie, and datang kat mummy and adik.. He said, 'Zombie datang!! Mummy, watch out!' and asked me to hide inside my- blocks- house! :P Kekekeke.. Funny boy! :P

Now, ada sapa2 tau where can i get this wooden blocks (banyak2) at cheaper price than Toys'R'Us? Been googling it at 'Mudah'.. Mudah2an ada yang murah.. kekeke.. :P

Later will update his pic of his house with doors and lamp.. :)) He will love it for me to post the pic here.. :P

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