Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nasi ayam, Laksa Penang, and good company.. :))

Celebrating Opah Part 2!

Okay, this time, Kak Liha and I were incharged for the food, or should i say organizer for today's celebration.. :P To be frank, i had trouble to sleep, or that i slept, but my mind was already in pasar seksyen 6, buying ingredients for our nasi ayam.. Hahaha.. Yes, i am just like my mak.. If we had to organize or prepare something big, we would face trouble to sleep.. :P
So, this very morning, i woke up and rushed to Shah Alam.. Went to pasar with Farah, and hurriedly went back to Opah's.. Aunty Ummi was there to help.. Lega! Haaaaaaa!! I made nasi ayam before, but to cater for almost 30 person, i was a little bit tense plus overwhelming, as seriously, i was so afraid that my nasi ayam would turn into something else, hahaha, or tawar, too salty, and what not.. Selalu masak untuk dua org jer.. :P Thank you Kak Ummi!!! Achik Ha and Gee prepared laksa the night before, and came to help as well.. Double lega!! :))
So, celebration today was more on having lunch, chit chatting and to view special video made for Opah from some of the grandchildren.. :)) Good job everyone!! I was in tears.. *sob2..
The celebration went very smooth indeed.. And the food pun yummy, kan kan kan kan kan..??? :P Hahahaha..
We love you Opah!!!

Mian started the video ala2 mengumumkan raya jatuh pada hari apa.. Tapi Opah's birthday la jatuh hari apa.. Kekeke.. Cute! Everyone was laughing and smiling.. Great job anak2 buah.. :))

Sempat rakam sikit jer, hehehehe.. Sorry! Yang full version dalam Group Anak2 and Cucu2 Ahmad FB.. :) But i shall upload later for kenangan, sebab Bemz and Mamat nyanyi!! Kakakaka.. Yes, diorang nyanyi lagu More Than Words untuk Opah.. How sweet! :)

The album cover, perhaps..?? Hehehehe.. :P
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