Sunday, November 4, 2012

Now, tracing dots becomes so much easier.. :))

The best so far.. :)) by Ladybug!
At only few ringgits, got it from Tesco Extra Shah Alam, i was all in love with this alphabets- tracing dots exercise book.. This is a big book, if to compare with normal size exercise books, and i have been longing to find a tracing book with BIG SIZE FONT/DOTS too for my son to trace.. And tak lah so kecil, atau berbaris2 sangat, as i am afraid that he would feel bored easily.. So, this one will do..
To all mothers out there, who is looking for the right tracing book, i suggest this one.. We used that wipe off exercise book too, but to prepare him or to expose him with class- style activities, i use this book now.. :)) Hope for the best, and i shall pray for the best.. :))
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 Yes, the font size is big.. :)) One line per exercise.. :))

 Hessa finds interest in books nowadays, and would ask to color too.. So happy if she loves Art as much as i do.. :)))))

 Mummy: Adik, jom nak keluar jalan (actually nak pegi Mydin  -..- jer pun.. :P)
Adik: Ambik (pointing to her 'jewellery' box..)
I put on her hair pin, and after few minutes i left her alone, i came to this.. :P
Mummy: Hey anak dara, nak pegi Mydin jer pun.. :P
Adik: *muka tak bersalah* :P

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