Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On Aquaria, and Congratulations Slash and Eyda!!! :))

We were planning to bring the kids to the zoo today, ended up to Aquaria instead.. Huhuhu.. Today is Public Holiday (Happy Deepavali to those who celebrate it today :)) plus school holiday, what should we expect?? A very BIG CROWD! :p Huhuhu.. Yup, reached Zoo Negara at around 1 and it was super duper packed that we had no clue where to park our car, and yup, what a long queue at the ticket counter!! Huhuhu..

Since our next stop would be Slash's wedding kenduri in KL, we decided to just proceed with Aquaria.. Yup, been there once with the kids last time, but Hessa was still a baby, and Aidan wouldn't remember that much (walaupun sometimes i let him watch the videos we took during that visit), and i believed, this trip that we made today would be a blast.. :))

What to expect again, BIG CROWD, LONG QUEUE, and PATIENT VISITORS!! Hahahaha.. It took us about an hour to get inside, but it was all worth it.. :)) Alhamdulillah.. :)) The kids enjoyed themselves so much, looking at so many different kinds of sea creatures, and they were so amazed with some of the sizes of sting rays, sharks and turtles that we saw there.. So glad to see and witness how they would name those animals that they already recognize.. Double FUN!! :)

Ohh, we managed to record the feeding session at the main tank.. Super awesome!! :)) You can have a look at it below.. Enjoy!! :))

p/s: Congratulations again, Slash!! I am so happy for you.. I told you that we would reach your place at 3.59  right?? :P Hahahaha.. See ya again beb!! And she is soooo pretty! Lucky you! :)

Congrats Slash and Eyda.. :)

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