Sunday, November 11, 2012

Now he is into blogging too.. :P

Can you believe this?? Aidan asked me to paste his pictures, playing his Angry Bird in my blog? :P Hahaha.. Yes, and sometimes when we are doing something interesting, he would ask me to take pictures first.. >_< Hahahaha.. As he knows that later i would put them in my blog.. :P
It's our 'Put- Together- Toys for Angry Birds' a.k.a using his small soft toys we got him earlier, his blocks that he always use to build castles, houses, and his sling shot.. :)) He loved it that he now, has his own so called Angry Bird set, although we use small balls to shoot Angry Birds, and not pigs.. Hahaha.. :P
Okay2, nak upload gambar dah.. My son nak tgk.. Lepas ni Aidan buat blog sendiri lah yek?? :P

The end.. :P
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