Friday, November 30, 2012

Preparing breakfast before i headed for the office last 3 days.. Cargasss! :P

My guilty pleasure -
Shrimp- dumpling wanton! :))

Slurp2!! Kati (sis Sya), this is for you.. :P I know how you find people posting food on the net, hahaha, and this is for you! :P Kekeke..

I want more.. i want more.. :P

My home-made shrimp- dumpling wanton.. :)) For breakfast today.. I can have it in the morning, afternoon and in the evening.. Huhuhu.. :P

Gorgeous cili padi.. Hehehe.. Mind you, i did not cut them into small pieces, ada beran??? :P

What a great way to start my day at the office.. :)

Happy Friday all!! :))
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