Thursday, November 8, 2012

The stunning Echenta Fadzil!

On Ilham Echenta Turban.. :)

Hello all Hijabista/ Turbanista Addicts..

Today, i would like to promote on Ilham Echenta's collections of turbans.. :))

I just love how E (the owner) styled her hijab and turban, and been admiring how she folded her turban in such a way, beautifully.. Now, her secret is revealed.. Ilham Echenta Turbanista, her own design and collections of amazing turbans.. It's actually a very easy-to-wear turban, whereby no lilit2 is required.. You can just put the turban on (like a hat), style them the way you like (just fold the upper part in), and just simple zap it! Plain easy, as easy as 123!! :))

E is one of the icon in FB and Safiyya (tv program) when it comes to Turbans, and nowadays, she has successfully promoted her turban locally, and yes, internationally too.. Amazing! That's why she went a little step further, and grabbed the chance to shoot some pictures of her, styling her turban, during her latest visit to UK with her family.. A great pormotion for her website for sure! Beautiful pictures indeed! :)) Great job E! Mesmerizing with her pictures and angan2 mode, hahahaha, i decided to try one of her turbans too.. :P Later when i got it, i will post the picture here kay?? :P

For those who are interested to order the turban, and would like to learn on how to wear it, style it, or make people captivated by it (:D) please visit Ilham Echenta's website.. As my pc is very2 slow now, and it's gonna take ages for me to be able to provide you the web address, please google, Ilham Echenta turban, and it shall lead you to the said website.. :)) Tihihihi.. Happy shopping! :)) After tiring days of looking at the computer at the office, do all the office work, house chores and whatever, now, i shall reward myself with a turban.. :P Hahaha..

p/s: Ilham is her son's name.. Isn't it sweet??? :)) And being pretty and talented is just awesome, as she is not only the designer, she is also the stylist, the make up artist, and also the model! Hehehe.. And with her hubby along, a photographer, you can imagine how the pictures would turn out to be, right?? One great business minded lady.. :))

Credit to Echenta Fadzil:

You can either wear the turban like that, or simply style it with your ninja inner, as both style also may look good on anyone.. :))

Don't forget to visit the website to know how to style the turban by our own Echenta.. :))

And this is me, this morning.. Tried 2 different lilit2 yesterday and today.. My version ofcoz.. Tengok pi lah banyak mana youtube pun, bila depan cermin, tiba2 dah jadi confuse, and ended up reka2 sendiri.. hahaha.. Yesterday's pic tak ambil, lupa.. Yes, saya baru2 nak cuba ber-turban.. :P
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