Friday, December 28, 2012

2012, i shall bid you Goodbye.. :))

Yes, it's already 28th of December 2012, and next week Tuesday is going to be the 1st of January 2013!! :))

Oh 2012.. Bitter sweet memories.. How i am going to cherish the happiness that you have brought me, the challenges that have made me a wiser person.. You have taught me a lot.. You have been with me every single day, witnessing my ups and downs, but you never give up on me.. Pushing me to my greatest potential every single day.. And how i thank you for not giving up on me.. As i lift my hands, praying for the betterment, you were there, making me feeling at ease.. Yes, i couldn't hear anything else, but my words, taughts and prayers.. It's like the time stopped for a while, and the clock stopped ticking.. Letting me be on my own.. Just me, my words, my taughts, and my prayers..

To my family- sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews and in-laws, especially Opah, Tokba and Tokma.. I am so humble to say Thank You for everything.. From the bottom of my heart, i pray for everyone each day, and may Allah bless you here and thereafter.. My sisters and brothers who understand me, who support me with good advices and love, thank you for everything.. May 2013 be our year.. :))

To Mr Hubby, thank you for everything.. I am praying for our happiness as a family.. A hope for 2013 to be the greatest year, where we can make everything right again.. Never ever stop praying for good intentions.. May Allah bless you with good opportunities, good health and good people/ surroundings.. At the end of the day, you can pat yurself for a job well done.. In Syaa Allah.. :)

To my Kids, 2012 is simply awesome right?? Oh my, looking back of all the things that we have gone through together, i shed some tears for sure.. Aidan from being just a baby boy of mine, being my cutey pie, superhero hebat, to simply an amazing brother to his sister.. His 'I-am-your-brother-and-you-should-listen-to-me' title, is something that i am proud of, ofcoz, there were events of him, being the naughty one, but most of the time, he protects his sister very well.. :)) As for you, my flower, my Hessa.. You are such a beautiful girl for me.. When you smile, i just melt.. When you sing a song, and dance for me, you simply reminded me of myself.. :)) You got to walk and talk in 2012.. This is why my 2012 is much more fun with you! :)) Thank you for the love, the laughs, the jokes, and the tricks! :P

And last but not least, to you Ara Jules.. Thank you so much for everything.. You have no idea how much i appreciate you, as a person.. I am praying for the best, just for you.. You are one beautiful person, inside and out.. And yes you Atyn, for being the sweetest to my kids.. I always wonder, "Can you actually eat, when you brought them out with you??? Amazing!! :P'

Most people will come up with an entry of their goals and what not.. I am not that person, and it doesn't makes me right or wrong.. How i see things might be different.. Some may need new goals and time frame to achieve it.. Depending on your current situation and how you see things.. My entry is to show some love and appreciation towards the year 2012 towards my loved ones.. May 2013 be the greatest year for all of us! :)

For me, my goals to be better, to achieve something is like my everyday process or thing.. I can't see why i need to put a date for me to change to be better.. For me, some may set a date to achieve something, so that they feel like they are starting up, new and fresh, or it acts as a push to strive for their goals.. Which is good and nothing wrong with it.. Like i said, back to.. depending on how you see things, and perhaps the kinds of goals that you are striving for.. :)) And maybe, the situation that you are facing now.. Yes!.. :)

Happy 2013, everyone!

And goodbye 2012..
My bitter sweet memories.. :))
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