Monday, December 24, 2012

Dido and Kitty.. Cute little pets.. :))

Meet Dido and Kitty

Our latest additon to our small family.. :P The kids' latest pets.. Our own kittens.. :))

Yes, we picked 2 kittens......... with batteries.. Hahaha.. :P Aidan named his kitten (orange color) Dido, as he likes to pretend to put his kitten to sleep, aka 'suka tido'! :P

And Hessa with his kitten, named 'Kitty'.. Say Hello Kitty! :))

Both Dido and Kitty help our house to be much more alive aka lively (ehh tak cukup ker with the loud noise from tv, Ipod, radio, the kids, mummy, and daddy???) hehehe, with their noises, and thank God we did not pick the ones with that loud, unstoppable- going- forever music.. Huh!

Hessa loves his kitty.. Aidan ok lah.. I can see changes when Hessa with her kitty, as she drastically act like a grown up sister, going 'Kitty, cat.. Nak tido? Sakit pewut? Mana? Nak eat? and pretend to feed kitty..' :)) I guess it's true when they say that it is good to have pets at home, as it helps our kids to be responsible, loving and also sensitive towards their surrondings.. But, we can't afford to do so.. We just love going places, without having to worry about our pets feeding time.. When we are ready, we might want to have one.. One second, hmmm. we only MIGHT want to have one.. Kekeke..

p/s: Missing Pish.. :(

Shhhh, don't make any noise.. Shhhh, kitty is sleeping.. :P Look at her, so serious when putting kitty to sleep.. Like yes, you can't make any noise at all.. :P

Go to sleep Dido! Let me help you close your eyes! :P

"Mine moves faster than yours!" - "No. mine!" :P
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