Friday, December 21, 2012

Me with my chicas- Lynn and Feez!

Missing friends! Please report! :P

Yes, i am at the office now.. I have finished my tasks, plus it's Friday, a little bit relax than any other days.. :P

So, here i am, reminiscing my days back when i was in primary school, secondary school, universities, and yes, my life now.. :))


Teringat! My favorite things during my school days would be, my 'Buku Lagu', 'Memo' and 'Fav Artist Book' :P.. Have you ever had one?? Hahaha.. yes, my sis Sya would remember this, as she liked most of the songs in my Buku Lagu, whereby i kept all the lyrics in there.. Buku Lagu has left me with 1001 memories.. With my sister Sha (whereby, we would sing B'witched - Ces la Vie repeatedly.. Yaya, ask mummy to sing you this song.. Hehehe..), with my fellow buddies (Alia, Tati, Muhairah, Wan, Shafri - Yes BSB's freaks.. Hahaha) and ofcoz again with my bestie Tati, whereby we had our own duet song- Tell Me by Celine Deon and Barbra Streisand! Oh missing everyone.. Glad that FB is here to connect us again.. And i am so blessed that everyone is the same person i have known when i was only Sweet 16! :P This is not the point.. Hehehe..

Then, i came to realize that i have few missing GREAT friends here.. Yes, right after i disconnect myself from the universe couple of months or a year ago (hahaha) i have lost contacts with some of my buddies.. They must be mad at me for disconnecting myself like that.. Hahaha.. And i am using new number.. Now, i am shouting my lungs out, calling for these person to report themselves to me! Calling out for Sue Sudu, Linda, Zaki (UiTM), Zati, Ina (Asma - the rest in my FB) and last but not least, Zack, Wan, Asri!!! Wanted!!

Thank you..

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