Friday, December 14, 2012

Good morning, Friday!

My goodness! Don't know whether i should be happy coz tomorrow is Saturday, or i should feel scared as tick tock tick tock, it's already Friday! Scary! Tak rasa langsung masa berjalan like so fast! Yes, every week i would say this.. Like seriously fast!

Yes, this is a picture taken by daddy this morning, when both myself and Hessa brought Betty for a short stroll depan rumah.. Yes, very very very short stroll.. :P I guess i should make this a habit, to bring both kiddos for a morning stroll everyday before i bid them goodbye for work.. Exercise sikit, enjoy fresh air sikit.. Hehe..

Jot down! Done! It's gonna be in my 2013 new habits/practice!!.. :))

Ohhhh, videos would only be uploaded later.. :)

Happy friday all!

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