Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Egypt and Gangnam Style!

Remember my Ilham Echenta turban i bought last month? Hehehe.. Today, i wore my turban to the office.. Thanks to my sis Ijan who always say "Pakai la, pakai jer.." tihihi..

So, early this morning's joke at the office.. Taken from my FB status:

I came to the office today with my turban on.. The funny part was, when my 'bapak' Mr Yong said this.. 'Ohhh, hari ni datang pakai itu.. Rasa macam di Egypt!.. Itu style apa itu?? Gangnam style ka??' kekeke.. Wait2, i want... to process this, 'mmmmm, Egypt and Gangnam style..' I can't see any similarities there, but it sure is funny!'.. Really made my day at the office today.. hehehe.. :P

~ with Echenta Fadzil, Shafarizan Binti Ramly.. My inspirations!! Hi ladies! :))

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