Monday, January 14, 2013

My teacher, Mrs Thanavathy! :)

Hello teacher! :))

This is me, Sara.. Harri told me that his mom has her own FB too, and i was like "I got to add her!" :))

How are you? :) I miss everyone back in Kedah, and ofcoz i miss all the memories that i have created in your class (tuition class) with Harri, Koo Kai Foo, Sabrina, Bavani, Azri, Izril, Farah and all! Missing everyone.. Most of them are already in my FB list, and now i got to add another special person, i got to add you! :))

I hope to visit you and Harri one day.. :) ( When is he going to get marry.. His gf is so gorgeous! :)) ) I am so happy to see your pictures and i got to say that you looked just the same, just the way i remember you back then when i was only 12! :)) Amazing!

Thank you teacher for everything.. You were so nice towards us and not one time that you neglected us when we were studying so hard for our UPSR, and i just love to see your proud face, when we shared our results.. :)) You have done so much for us! :))

Happy Teachers Day, for all the years i missed, and i hope to see you real soon! :))

p/s: Harri, thanks! :P

Harri in his Beach- kinda- feeling shirt.. :P Hehehehe.. 

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