Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh no! Save your legos anak mummy!!!

Aidan's short story on Call of Duty! 

How cool is this??? :)))

Look at what my Aidan came up with??? He created his first short movie ever! :P 

Daddy helped him downloaded this 1 short movie app of 'Call of Duty' and we were so surprised when he came and show us this!! Wahhhhh! Daddy pun tak cuba lagi.. Hmmmm..

Yes, ofcoz he just need to hold the camera and point somewhere, and that's about it.. But he just knew what and where to press this button and that button to make himself a complete short story.. Wahhhh Wahhhh Wahhh! :P

Good job anak mummy! I LOVE IT! It looks kinda real.. :P Don't you think so? :P

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