Friday, June 26, 2009

Aidan's Own Personalized Sites!

Hi evewybody!

My mummy was browsing the internet to see what's cool, and she came across this site :

So, mummy had created one site for me ! It is much more personalized and fun, with cool, cute pages! Aidan chose the one with ducks and orange background! I really like my page, and mummy think that's the best! Aidan and mummy love our new project together! We work as a team.. Mummy do the research and findings, and Aidan will behave myself, not to trouble mummy! Aidan is a very good boy! Mummy always say that Aidan is the best partner to work with.. Yeah! For all who wish to have this sites, please let Aidan and mummy know, because we can meet and be friends there! Yeah!

Aidan's site address is : ! So what's yours?

Mummy : Aidan is very excited about his latest site, but then, mummy is still finding ways of how this page works.. Hmmm.. leave the thinking part to mummy, is it? Kekeke..
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