Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mummy at Tok Ba and Tok Ma's house in Kelana Jaya, before heading to see our Dr Siti.. Mummy is 5 months 2 weeks pregnant to little Aidan.. :)
Yeah! Daddy's Home!

At last, our daddy is home! Yeah! Daddy arrived at KLIA from Changi Airport at 8+ at night, and straight away to Bukit Jelutung where Aunty Zurin's live.. We missed daddy so very much, that we felt really excited when we were driving to fetch him there.. We went back to Tok Ma's house in Kelana Jaya after that( mummy might stay here until November, so that daddy can spend his time with Tok Ba and Tok Ma even more ), feeling relieve and happy, the fact that daddy is here with us! Oh man, daddy might be going somewhere else this Thursday, and will only be back here on Friday! Scratch* Scratch* "What should we do?" :( Daddy with his works, however mummy understand and support him.. Go daddy! :)

So, as promised, today, daddy brought mummy to see our little son.. Just to get to know how my son is doing in this big, round, cute tummy of mine.. Since we didn't make any appointment at all, mummy really prayed that they can give us a slot to meet our Dr Siti for today.. Yeah! They have it! We arrived at the hospital in the afternoon, and got to see Dr Siti, although it was quite a long queue.. Ppffffff.. But mummy sure believe, it was worth the wait.. :)

Today, mummy got to see my son's growth and listen to his heart beats for the second time.. Daddy was there with us, and he sure didn't want to miss a thing when it comes to his "little Aidan".. Daddy sure loves you, baby! You are getting bigger Aidan, and mummy felt even more close to you now.. You are growing inside of me, and that is beautiful.. :)

We also followed daddy to his Tuesday training.. Mummy get the chance to meet my friends, and Aunty Feeza was there too.. It was very relaxing and educative training.. I miss the environment there.. But, i have made my decision, that if i were to sacrifice my career, it should be for some reasonable excuses.. And "Aidan" it is! Daddy and Mummy can't imagine to have a nanny to look after Aidan.. We sure don't get the idea, so we prefer for mummy to babysit my own son at home, and be as much helper to daddy as possible.. We sure can help daddy from home right, Aidan? :)

Great news!! Well, mummy and daddy did some shopping for Aidan today.. What? What? Yup, "Aidan's First Shopping Trip".. Yeah!! What did mummy get for Aidan? Hmm.. something stylish, cool, and super cute! Oh yeah, Stylish is my son's middle name.. Kekekeke.. :P

*Check out what mummy get for Aidan in the next blog! Mummy is so excited about today's shopping trip, why? Hmmm..
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