Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aidan's Uncle Amril

Aidan a.k.a Dean!

Uncle Amril, mummy's friend chatted with me through FB like few weeks ago.. Yeah, it's been quite some time for both of us to really get the chance to chat and get to know what each other is doing right now.. He was so surprised to hear that mummy is pregnant to you..

He asked me about your name, and I said "Muhammad Qalif Aidan".. He liked it so much.. "So, what are you going to call him?" he asked.. "Aidan ofcoz!".. Mummy sounded so proud.. "Hmm.. nice, but it won't sound right if one day he decided to be the next Malaysian male model.." as usual, he's being sarcastic.. "Yer lah, then i'll call him Aiden la if it happens! Kekeke".. Mummy 'layan' only.. "Kekeke.. nahhh, i have better one for him".. Curious mummy, i went "What? shoot me..".. "Dean! I'll call him Dean!".. Kekeke..

Up until now, if we want to bid each other good bye after chatting, Uncle Amril would say, "Goodbye Mummy and little Dean!".. So sweet! Oh Aidan. there's so much love for you to enjoy when you arrive.. Mummy just can't wait..

Still, no model, model kay? Ahaks!
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