Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heaven time!
Some people keep on saying that early pregnancy is a total challenge, where one might feel like a disaster, and all the long, suffering, hard time is a major test?.. Agree! Then, you'll find the beauty of the whole pregnancy thingy afterwards, which means when you slowly recover from the sickness, headaches, or when you started to feel the connection with the baby inside, maybe when he gave you his first "i'm- in- here" kick!? Major Agree! Hehehe..

And ofcoz, after going through that hard phase, it is time to, "Makan2!".. Yeah!

My second trimester now is 'heaven'.. This is because my desire to eat is there, and that i don't have to feel 'guilty' if i happened to feel like having extra this and that.. Kikiki.. There's no 'diet' during pregnancy, so why should i have one? But ofcoz, proper food consumption.. Eat a lot but focus on healthy food! If previously, i did mention that i didn't really crave for any weird stuff, i still don't.. But, i always feel like eating 'laksa, midvalley JJ' style! Yummy!

Daddy did bring me to JJ last Saturday for laksa.. And today, as Achik Liha is going to Midvalley, mummy asked for one.. "It's not me who is craving for it.. It's my son! Kekeke.." So, we'll be having laksa for dinner today, i supposed! :P Thank you Achik Ha!
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