Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cute Baby Shoes with Soft Toys!

Yeepee! Mummy was browsing the websites, and came across these cute little shoes with soft toys on top! They call it "Booties"! Actually i am planning to buy one for you.. I did saw few in OU mall, but i haven't write it down in your lists just yet.. When mummy saw the website, then i decided that this cute little thing should be listed in my "Things that Aidan Need, Mummy and Daddy.. please!" lists.. Hehehe..

Mummy can't wait to buy you your stuff! Tomorrow, i shall list down all your needs.. :) However, Opah did mention that she wants to buy you something that you can treasure until you're big enough and can understand things! Hmmm.. *scratch *scratch.. "Diamond is for girls, Aidan".. Hahaha..

Well, Opah and mummy are planning to get you one nice Mosses Basket or basket where i can keep your stuff, with horses and ponies on both sides of the basket.. So cute.. Just like Haikal's.. Opah bought one for him, and i picked it up, ofcoz, almost 5 years back!.. Well, i still want to make sure that the gift is still a baby gift, however, something that still can be used for quite some time for you to appreciate it! :)

Achik Liha also did buy you this twin set of baby bottles from Hallmark, simple yet classy.. But she keeps them with her first.. Yup, pantang 'thingy'.. But both mummy and daddy sure love them.. Oh dear, I can't wait for Aidan's Shopping Spree, by Mummy and Daddy! Hehehe.. Yeah! It will be just Great! Super exciting!

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