Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some of the pictures being captured during our visit to Greece.. Mummy was almost 2+ months pregnant to little Aidan.. Exhausted but the trip is sure fun!

Dengue no more.. Greece here we come!

As i did mention before, my first trimester was very challenging for mummy, and daddy ( in a way :P ).. Mummy became sensitive about the whole thing.. My body became so weak after a lot of headaches, fever, ' vomiting- like- nobody's- business' and ofcoz the dizziness and stuff.. Mummy also had this super power, super sensitive nose! I couldn't smell not only the cook, smokes but to my suprised, mummy couldn't even smell perfumes.. God, that was another sign right.. Hehehe.. i am having a boy!

Being so weak and helpless, mummy asked daddy to stay at Opah's house, so that in the evening, Opah able to help and looked after me.. Opah helped me a lot during my first trimester.. Unfortunately, one fine night, Opah woke me up, saying that she was having a fever.. Mak Ngah and Achik Liha ( my sisters ) brought her to the medical center the same night.. Mummy became so worried about her.. That morning, mummy fell sick too.. Mummy became so afraid because during that time, Shah Alam, where Opah was staying, was a very dangerous dengue zone.. Since most of the neighbours said that it was under control, mummy chosed to stay there.. I guessed it was a test for me.. Mummy went in and out of the medical center, and i suffered from high fever for almost 4 days.. This is because the doctor can only detect the dengue after 4 days fever.. To my suprised, i was diagnosed to with one.. I was being hospitalized for 2 nights.. Daddy came and stayed with us.. Pity daddy.. We prayed that nothing would happen to you.. Alhamdulillah, nothing happened..

Greece was in our planner.. My company organized a trip to Greece for all the qualifiers.. Mummy and daddy qualified for the trip.. I thought just to let daddy went with the rest of the family and friends.. Daddy seemed pity to leave us behind, and he motivated me to be strong as he wanted to bring us along.. After 2 days hospitalized, mummy went back to Mak Ngah's house and thought to stay there until daddy came home from Greece..

Flight to Greece departed at 5 pm the next day. Daddy came to us that very morning, and convinced us to go along.. I was so happy to see daddy because daddy never leave me behind since the day that i met him.. We decided to see Dr Azman, Aunty Ani's husband, just for a check up.. Mummy and daddy were so happy with the results and we rushed back home to pack our things.. Huhuhu! What a team!

We made it to Greece, dear.. It was a lovely trip, with everyone's around including Tok Ma.. We enjoyed ourselves so much that although once in a while mummy fell ill, but we still managed to see places and enjoyed ourselves as much as possible.. Daddy bought strawberries for us.. Yummy!! We both love daddy so much! Daddy is the best! :) Mummy shall put some more pictures there in your scrapbook for you to see when you grow up.. It was lovely!
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