Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's a Boy! Let's name him Aidan!

~ Muhammad Qalif Aidan ~

Quite few of my friends and family have been asking me about your name.. It reminds me of how it all started..

When i first knew that i was pregnant to you, i was very excited, you were my total joy! I had been longing to name you.. Since at that point of time, i didn't know yet your gender, i decided to make both lists of beautiful names for both girls and boys.. It was a fun thing to do, since i could still remember that Kak Farah and Kak Fatin (your cousins- my side) were there with me, browsing for the right names to be shortlisted.. A lot of beautiful names and not to forget unique and 'what- was- i- thinking' names came out.. Hihihi..

I called up daddy to let him know about the names, and daddy knew that it was still early to decide on anything just yet.. So i let him be.. I knew that daddy would come up with the right name for you.. I was just eager to have something that reminded me of you.. The lists when on and on.. And somehow, one name caught my eyes- Rayyan (penjaga pintu syurga bagi orang yang berpuasa).. I just loved that name.. My family, as they heard about the name, started to make fun of me, saying that i watched too much American Idol.. Hehehe.. Well, the host of the show is none other than Mr handsome, Ryan Seacrest.. I have no idea what would happen to him as we speak.. :) However, if American Idol is really influencing me, i might as well name you, Adam.. As in my favorite AI finalist, Adam Lambert.. Hahaha..I did mention abou that name to few people, including your Aunt Ieta.. She liked that name so much.. So far, it was Rayyan.. My mom kept on telling me not to name you just yet.. Malay called it 'pantang' because you were still new and at a very early stage.. So i kept everything so low to myself..

After about 4 months being a pregger, one day, i felt really strange that it worried me so much.. I worried about you.. Out of sudden, i didn't really feel you inside of me.. Mummy called daddy that i cried real hard.. I wanted to see my gynae.. I prayed to Allah and hope real hard that you are healthy in my tummy.. Daddy knew that I worried too much, that he agreed for us to do a check-up.. Our gynae was so warmth that day.. He asked me if you had started kicking me inside.. Well, not just yet.. Or did i not notice anything? Hihihi.. However, some times i did feel something like burst of bubbles in my tummy.. Is that a clear description?? :P I don't think so.. After few minutes examining me, I asked her if we could see your gender.. As she focusing on the lower part of your body, you spread your legs, and there it was, we saw 'you'.. Hihihi.. So obvious that our doctor also laughed.. My baby wanted me to know that He's coming! Good Boy! " Daddy, no more Lily Arianna.. Hahaha.." Daddy did browse that name before, in case it was a girl.. :)

I have to admit that during my pregnancy, i did have much attention and fond towards baby girls.. Well, your cousin, Nurin Adriana, Achik Liha's daughter, have been my favorite! And before mummy and daddy got married, Nurin seemed awkward to play with daddy.. She refused to be lifted by daddy.. However, things changed when you came.. Nurin became close to daddy, and opah said, it was a sign that mummy and daddy are having a baby boy! :)

One night, daddy and mummy decided to browse for your name.. Rayyan, Faris and few others were the choices we had.. I came up with Qalif (Caliph, Khalifah), with the help fom your cousins- my side, Amjad and Wahid the day before.. Daddy agreed with the name and I asked him to come up with Qalif's right combination.. Hmmm.. After few minutes browsing, we came across one website, and our eyes caught at one name, Aidan (the brain, cerdik).. We love it! Aidan as in Aiden! Hahaha.. Our pride and joy, our very own blood, our hero, our son, our own.. Muhammad Qalif Aidan! Just perfect!
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