Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doc : That's your baby!

One fine day, i told daddy that i felt so strange about myself, well both physically and mentally.. It felt like something was not right.. I came up with the idea that i think the time has come for both of us.. Something big is coming.. Daddy looked so calm, and as usual, i was the one who became so overjoyed and excited.. At first we kept to ourselves and did some testing here and there to confirm the excitement..

I can still remember the day that both of us decided to do the final testing.. I was nervous to death.. I headed to the loo the minute we came back from the pharmacy, and I was right.. Positive! I AM PREGNANT! A big WOW! for me.. and a joy to both of us.. We were so happy.. I shared with few of my loved ones about it.. However, deep inside, i know that i need to hear this from the expert!

It was Saturday, that as usual, mummy and daddy went for our Saturday training, but this time, instead of having normal training at the office, we went for sports activity.. Badminton! Those i loved most knew about the joy we carried in our faces and they looked really happy for us.. Being a little bit paranoid, i excused myself from playing and chose to be with the rest of the mommies.. Aunty Zurin and Aunty Delima.. Aunty Zurin= daddy's sister.. Yes dear, Harith's mother.. I waited for us to get home because i have already decided to grab daddy to see the doctor.. Since it was public holiday, we only had the chance to see a regular doctor, not the gynae.. The result came positive, but it didn't do much for me as i still need the expert! Yeah, mummy kinda impatient about knowing u.. :)

Daddy looked calm as usual, but deep inside i knew he was also excited about the whole thing.. We did write a welcome note for you the nite before (which you can find it in your scrapbook) as a token of appreciation to Allah, the almighty and to you for your presence in our life.. You are my joy in life!

I am registered in Subang Jaya Medical Center under Dr. Dato Siti Zaliha, a very tall, thin, lovely and look so motherly to me.. I still remember when she decided to do some ultrasound and few other procedure (thanks to the technology).. I saw you!! So tiny, so gentle, so fragile, so calm.. just like daddy! I prayed to Allah and thank Him for the opportunity given and we shall take this responsibility and do our part together as a couple, parents, and as a family! So what i remember most from this whole experience? Well, when the doctor said : That's your baby! :)
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