Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mummy had grilled chicken salad for lunch..

I just got back from lunch, with my gal pals.. Aunty Feeza, Aunty Lin, Aunty Effa and your friend to be, the sweet ever Dhania.. It's been quite some time that i saw each and every one of them.. Yeah, except for Aunty Feeza, mummy had lunch with her last Friday.. Go Chillis!

Well, temptation for food, after about 3 months living in misery where food is not an option.. I hardly eat and if i did, i'd run to the nearest toilet in seconds.. The whole family pity me because of my condition, but i tried to be strong.. Daddy would laugh if he reads this statement.. "Well daddy, at least i tried!".. :P Now, i can eat whatever i want.. But ofcourse i take control of what i consumed..

Some pregnant ladies have this temptation for weird things.. Especially when it comes to food.. Weird to an extend that opah= my dear mother, once told me that some pregnant lady desire for coffee, as in black coffee with no sugar added.. Wow! Espresso! I laughed real hard, and i started to imagine the misery of that pregnant lady and her most troublesome sleeping routine.. Hahaha.. So far, mummy never troubled daddy so much, asking for weird food, or seasoned fruits that ofcourse daddy had to beat himself on the head just to impress me and make it happen..

For the past 3 months, i always fell ill.. Once, my blood- pressure dropped, and i suffered from super-crazy dizziness.. Tok Ba and Tok Ma= daddy's mom and dad, witnessed the whole thing.. Mummy couldn't even go to work, leave alone driving.. Now, my blood- pressure is back to normal.. My head-ache is not that crazy anymore.. Mummy already know the trick.. Take morning bath as early as possible.. Yeah.. the early, the better.. :) For pregnant lady, if one faces this low blood pressure thingy, consume more seafood, drink plenty of water, have enough rest and eat moderately but 3-4 times a day.. I followed only half of them.. :P

Mummy had a great time last weekend whereby Tok Ma called up for a family gathering in Klang (daddy's side).. We had BBQ with all the family presented.. We eat a lot of seafood, and i loved the environment there that very nite.. Everyone asking about u and ofcourse your gender.. Mummy told them that i am having my own hero, my son.. But i let your name to be a secret.. Top secret! Mummy is looking forward for more BBQ gathering like that, and i know that u were there with me that nite, enjoying each moment with all the famiy members and the love surrounding us.. We all love your dearly, crossed my heart! :)
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