Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mummy's scrapbooking and birth announcement project for little Aidan..

Goodbye first trimester, and hello to my second one! What a relief.. I am finally over it.. My first trimester was a total challenge.. I was very exhausted physically and mentally.. Feeling awkward about the whole thing, and the fact that i was always not in the mood, i decided to keep myself private.. I rarely went out, and if i did, what a miracle! Hihihihi..

Sharing everything with you is my priority.. Yups, calciums, vitamins, all the nutrients from the food i ate and etc.. As i love you with all my heart, i care less about how i look.. It's true that sometimes a pregnant lady tend to look a litte bit dull, well, dry and uneven skin tone, and my most concern is pregnancy gingivitis.. I suffered from one not a long time ago.. Hihihi.. But i got through it with the dentist, all the dental tools, almost one hour procedure, and ofcoz my unconditional love for you.. :)

Now that i finally able to be more active than usual, and the fact that i am now a home-stayed mother to be, i try to find things that i can do with you.. Something that show the joy i have for you.. Our first ever project now is your birth announcement card! Yeah.. mummy is so excited.. I went through the internet to get few ideas about it.. I love most of the samples.. Once, mummy asked daddy to bring me to this wonderful shop where we can get nice, cute papers, all the stickers, glitters and etc.. Mummy looked for the right paper to buy for our project, i ended up with none.. I decided to be more creative about it by printing it myself.. However, mummy did buy us stickers of trucks and cars, fire engines and police cars.. So cute! Now that everything is ready, mummy just need to wait for you to arrive before printing the welcome notes and send them to our loved ones! What a proud parents mummy and daddy are.. Hihihi..

Our second project is yet to come.. Your first scrapbook.. Mummy just browse for the right sample to get as much ideas as possible.. I love this project that i saw.. By a very creative art lover, or collage artist by the name, Correy Moortgat.. Check out this site : www.flickr.com - search for riley's journal.. Love the ideas so much! So me! Mummy can't wait to do one for u, Aidan.. It will be my place to treasure all your journey in life, like your first word, first step, first haircut, first vacation, and etc.. It's going to be fun! I love you!
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