Monday, July 6, 2009

Some of mummy's pictures by Aunty Lin.. Sometimes it is perfect to be imperfect! That's ART! :)

Mummy, Aidan.. click* click*!

Yeah! Few days ago, mummy was looking at the mirror, just to check out the changes in my physical, yeah, big tummy and stuff.. I was so amazed with God's creation.. It was unbelievable, the feeling that mummy had inside.. It was hard to describe in words, the fact that someone is growing inside of me.. Oh God! To think about it, already put a smile in my face.. And talking to you each and every day is like talking to a best friend.. Wow.. we sure make a great pal + mummy and son thingy.. Hehehe..

Back to my story, as i was chatting with Aunty Lin, i asked her if she could take few snaps of mummy and Aidan (in other words, pictures of me being a pregger!), for my new project, black and white photographs, that we can treasure afterwards.. Aunty Lin did took quite a few of my pictures in my wedding gown, right after mumy and daddy's reception in Kelana Jaya.. Although it wasn't a proper plan (well, the fact that Aunty Lin only use normal, basic camera), but the outcome was so oh, fantastic! Well, minus few here and there, lighting and etc.. Hehehe.. Since it was free of charge, we shall give her a round of applause! Yeah Aunty Lin.. Hehehe.. Aunty Lin agreed to take pictures of us, and mummy chose to capture that magical moment in Seremban, Aunty Lin's kampung.. It sure is fantastic, since there is waterfall and other beautiful kampung scenery.. :)

We might also be snapped by our own daddy! Hehehe.. Daddy also tend to capture beautiful pictures as he loves photography so very.. very.. much.. That's why mummy and daddy got so many pictures where ever we go.. Mummy loves to pose to daddy! Hehehe.. Okay, till the photography session, dear.. Enjoy mummy's pictures, right after my reception in Kelana Jaya, captured by none other than Aunty Lin..

* To Aunty Lin, thanks dear.. This is major! I shall come up with one giant poster of my favorite and hang it in my walk- in closet.. Super! Hehehe..
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