Saturday, September 12, 2009

We're admitted! :(

My dear Aidan.. What a day yesterday! Our appointment with Dr Siti wasn't quite like what i was hoping it to be.. Since i put up my positivity helmet, thinking only positive, happy thoughts, i was hoping for our conditon to be better..

However, Allah has another plan for us.. It seems like my baby just can't wait to see me.. Dr Siti told us that my amniotic fluid dropped again, from 10.6 to 9.5 only.. I was shaking inside, i felt like crying so hard.. "How about my blood pressure?".. "Hmm.. 140, 79.. Quite high.. I shall admit you today, just to observe you and we may need to go through early delivery, early operation, i supposed.." Mummy goes.. "Oh my!.."

After daddy and mummy went back home to pack our things and headed back to the hospital to be admitted, i could sense that the time has come and that i'll be coming back home with my baby Aidan.. Opah, Makngah and Kak Farah waited patiently for my arrival in the hospital.. Yup, they arrived earlier than me (the patient).. :) We really need support from everyone right now.. My friends also bid us lucks and they all are praying for us! Thanks everyone!
Daddy has been great the whole time.. He waited for me here, and has been such a great help.. I know that he has one thousand and one feeling about all this, the fact that we are expecting you, the fact that you might come earlier than you supposed too, the fact that we only got you your basics because we thought it is still early to prepare everything, and a lot more! But he still remain as calm as possible, and nothing else but a smile on his face..

Tok Ba and Tok Ma also came and visited us just now.. What a nice feeling we had, we chatted with them and they seemed to help mummy feel relax in a way.. Thanks to them, mummy's blood pressure went down to 120,70.. I can see progress there.. Yeepee!!

So, Aidan.. Now that we are admitted, at any time at all we may see each other.. It's just a call a way.. Mummy will always pray for you.. and I want you to pray to Allah, just like how i taught you each and everyday.. "Ya Allah, selamatkanlah ku..".. Amin, my baby.. I love you so much.. You are not alone.. Not now, not ever.. I will always be with you.. Through good or bad.. And this is such a great start.. We shall go through this together, my heart and soul, my strong baby boy! I love you!
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