Tuesday, September 15, 2009

High blood pressure, low amniotic fluid, 4+ protein in urine, dizziness, hmmm.. one great pack for early delivery!

At about 11+, 13th of September 2009, Dr Siti came to the room with mummy's report on the night before.. my blood pressure shooted to 180, 110.. Dr Siti seemed concern about it, but she tried to schedule the operation to the next day.. "But i still need to do some urine test today, ya".. Gulp! My urine test result came few minutes after that, and out of sudden, Dr Siti came rushing in, with her concern face, she decided for immediate operation.. "Your protein level in your urine is now 4+, i'm very concern about you.. We need to proceed wit the operation today.." Mummy went "Oh my.. today is the day.. "

I called Opah up.. Just to inform her and all the family members.. Daddy did his part too.. Letting Tok Ba and Tok Ma informed.. My adrenaline rushed in, and mummy felt a little bit tense, overwhelmed, and a little bit scared.. But, i tried to be strong for my baby, and i was praying that Aidan would be as strong too..

Everyone was there at the hospital, mummy wrote you a note, my sayings to you before entering the OT.. We recite our Yassin, and we prayed for the best.. Before entering the OT, we bid daddy goodbye, asking for his appologies.. Daddy made a joke out of it..

Mummy: Bie, i love u.. Forgive me for my wrong doing, if any.. (looking so calm)

Daddy: Okay, but don't do it anymore.. Kekeke.. (laughing).. I'll see you later.. :)

Mummy: Cedey.. :(

The operation went really well, and since i chose the half-body-numb (yup, epidural, i refused, but i had too.. hmm..*sigh!), i could feel few pressure here and there, and i was praying to Allah, for our safety.. "Ya Allah, selamatkanlah kami.." I prayed for my Aidan.. I could hear the sound of the equipments, the chattings, and the jokings.. Jokings?? Yup, they were chit chatting about all stuff, and i was there being cut here and there.. What a procedure.. hehehe..

And then, i could hear it.. The sound of my baby's crying.. "Sara, can you hear that, that lovely song of yours??- Dr Siti.."Yeah.. that's my baby.." And there you were, beside me, looking so fragile, so small, so tiny, but you are so strong!! "Good job buddy, we did it".. :) We kissed each other goodbye, and from there on, i became stronger than ever..
I care less about the pain and stuff, i was on my feet the next day, i got myself ready to see you, and everyone was so suprised to see me like that.. You are my strong point.. My drive to be strong.. :) I love ya!

I still remember daddy's face after we had you.. "Thank you, sayang.."- daddy.. "Right back atcha!"-mummy..

Sara Ahmad is officially a mummy! Yeepee!!
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