Friday, October 16, 2009

The 2009's !! :)

Here are the 2009's girls and boys, children of my friends.. Yup, they are the 2009's version.. Hahaha.. Well, since they are in the same age group as my Aidan, i decided to give them a shout out! Hello Aidan's friends! :))

Aidan and the rest will enter school at the same time.. OMG!! I just can't wait!! So many activities that i can plan with the mothers.. It will be SUPER!! Maybe i can organize something later on.. Something like : Indoor or Outdoor stuff at home :

* Drawing and Painting Competition
* Masquerade Party or Birthday Party with theme (everyone should dress like pirates, or something like that.. :))
* Tea Party, the children would listen to stories or play games, and the mothers can chit chatting.. Hahaha..
* Movie Day, where the children can just lay back and relax.. Mummy would make some chips and even pop corn to make it more interesting.. :)
* Outdoor games such as hide and seek and many more.. The mothers are allowed to play too, okay?? Hahaha..
And.. maybe something more educative.. like..

Tuition class????

Hahaha! and Aidan goes.. Mummmmyyyyyyy???!! :P

~ aidan ~

mummy and daddy : sara and khairi

~ aariz ~

mummy and daddy : anne and dom

~ aniq ~

mummy and daddy : azurin and edarman

~ irfan ~

mummy and daddy : rahman and wirda

~ kaira ~

mummy and daddy : lissa and faizrafi

~ qaisara ~

mummy and daddy : amylia and bob

~ zara ~

mummy and daddy : evie and azri

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