Saturday, October 17, 2009

You say it best.. When you say nothing at all..

What more can we say?? Opah has been nothing but a great mother to me and a grandma to Aidan.. Without her, my life would be empty.. Opah, being her, always think about others.. I still remember when Opah called me up to ask me come home and stay with her during my confinement.. She just worried so much about me.. She's a great mother, loving one..

After looking at her, her sacrifices and to remember her during my childhood days, makes me feel like crying.. Opah has always been my best friend, up until now.. She knows me best.. She's my greatest idol of all.. And i love her dearly, and nothing can beat that.. I want to be a mother like her.. Did i mention to u, she has 12 children, and i am the 12th.. The youngest and ofcoz, every one of her children is her pride and joy!

So Aidan, this is a picture of you and Opah.. Opah just love to hug you every morning, and to greet you every single day ( it is like a routine to her).. It's just a nice feeling to be able to see her, smiling at you with nothing but love, pure love of a grandma towards her grandson..We love her so much and we shall pray for her every day, for her health and happiness.. Amin.. :)

Aidan loves Opah! :)

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