Sunday, October 18, 2009

Interesting Pattern! :P

Is it true when people say that babies, those that you are still carrying in your womb have this sleeping patten whereby, they sleep during the day and wake up the whole night long?? Hmmm.. Interesting pattern!

Well, keeping up with Aidan is very interesting, challenging, sometimes it can be fun, and sometimes, really tiring.. Hahaha.. But ofcoz mummy and daddy manage to go through it with love and affections.. :)
Aidan is a prem baby, and his pattern in sleeping is as if he is still in my womb.. Sleep like nobody's business during day time, and sleepless at night, and causing mummy also, 'Sleepless in Shah Alam' .. Hahaha..

His pattern from last week is to wake up at 1 am (every morning without fail) and from there on, he would not sleep still and this could take me from 1 am to at least 5 am, before he goes back to his 'nyenyak- sleep- mode'.. Kekeke..
Like now, it is 2.30 in the morning, and as i just put him back to sleep, i need to wait for another few minutes to look after him.. Well, my Aidan has this swallowing challenge right?? So i need to make sure that he's doing fine each time after his feeding..

Usually, he would cry for milk, or when he feels wet, and the rest, only he knows what.. Kekeke.. Mummy would stay with him, looking at the ceiling, and now only i found other things to do, like FB or blogging.. Hehehe..

Hmmmm.. now is 'interesting'! As i am writing this, and he looks like he's not comfortable at all, trust me, it is wash time.. Hehehe.. So, mummy has to go now to wash up my baby Aidan.. Hope that he will fall asleep in his 'nyenyak mode' after this.. Cross my fingers and wish me luck! :P

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