Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love letter to Tok Ba and Tok Ma.. :)

Dear Tok Ba and Tok Ma,

Aidan is already a month old.. I am getting bigger and stronger every single day.. Thanks to Daddy and Mummy, my biggest supporters of all.. :)

Now, Aidan is also visiting the same Dr as Abang Harith and Aniq.. Who else, if not the famous Dr Cheng.. :) Last week, daddy and mummy brought Aidan to see Dr Cheng.. Mummy did mention to Aidan that the clinic is just close to Tok Ba and Tok Ma's house.. However, since Tok Ba and Tok Ma were off to the office, we decided to head home right after Aidan got my second injection.. Hep A!! Ouchhh.. It was painful Tok Ma.. Aidan cried real hard.. Uwaaaaaa!!

Dr Cheng also helped Aidan with my boogey2 inside my nose.. Hehehe.. Last time, mummy, Maktam and Makngah managed to pull it out at home, and what a day it was.. Aidan managed to breathe easily and i slept so 'jerab' as Opah always say to me.. However, it became worsen, that mummy and daddy let Dr Cheng handle it this time.. Once again, Aidan cried real loud that mummy decided to feed me up to make me keep my voice low.. Hehehe.. Pity mummy and daddy.. :)

Aidan, daddy and mummy miss everyone back in Kelana Jaya.. We really hope to see everyone real soon.. Mummy is still in her confinement, and waiting for her 'day 45'.. And Aidan wonder what is it all about.. Hmmm.. i guess, only mummy knows what.. Kekeke.. :)

Till we meet again.. sayang Tok Ba and Tok Ma so so much!!

Your 3rd grandson,


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