Friday, November 13, 2009

He just turned 2! Smiley with heart balloon

wo months ofcoz! Yup, my baby just turned 2 months old, guys! Hoorayyyy!

Well, updates on what he can do now.. Hmmmm..

* Aidan can see clearly now, and he responds so well to movements..

* Up until now, Aidan could sleep even in a noisy place.. 'Buat' derkkk jerrr.. kekeke..

* Alhamdulillah, in these 2 days, there's a progression on the vomitting part, whereby, Aidan started to know how to control it 'cikit2'.. kikiki..

* Chubby baby.. Yup, he is one chubby baby! Mummy 'sukerr!'

* Alahai manja! He sleeps even better if mummy or daddy cuddle him.. :)

* Susu 90mil mum, no more 60mil!

* Night shifts.. :) Now, he wakes up for 3-4 times, only when he's hungry or when mummy wants to change his diaper.. Less 'meragam' now.. 'I just want my milk, mummy!'..

* He seems like understand what mummy is saying to him.. He would look at me, with his calm face, mulut muncung and open up his eyes widely, as if he is paying attention! Good boy!

* He is now wearing 0-3 months baby clothes.. Prematture attires 'dah tak muat!'.. Kekeke..

* His normal wake up time and 'i- want- to- go- down- now- mummy' is 7 am every morning..

* Sometimes.. can hear him laugh.. Usually in his sleeps.. Well, 'mimpi indah', anyone?

* Smile?? Once in a while but not to us, you can tell.. 'Biasalah, babies do sometimes smile with no reasons... Erg.. as far as we are concen right?..

* Oh ya.. this baby of mine likes to 'mandi!'.. shower time!! kekeke.. and now he takes his bath twice a day!

* Still doesn't like to be swaddled, and now he likes to sleep with both hands raised, as if he wanted to answer a question.. Kekekeke..

* He is 'windy'.. kekeke.. Colic drop fancy him.. Kekeke.. pot pet pot prettt.. kekeke.. best2.. Mummy suker!!

And a lot more!! Amazing right, this baby of mine! Kekekeke.. Yup, i know.. i am one PROUD mom! So? :P Kekekeke..
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