Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Short letter to Aunty Steph..

More pictures during the Birthday Girl's Party!!

Dear Aunty Steph,

Mummy and Aidan pun took some pictures from your blog yer, the ones with our faces and ( yup, with yang bawah ni, tak nampak muka, pun kitorang amik.. ).. Kekeke.. Thanks to the cameraman, we loved most of the pictures.. Really nice.. :))

I can see that you are bz-ing yourself with shooting and stuff for the upcoming drama, and you look so nice in that 'tudung'.. Serious.. Mummy kata " Look at Aunty Steph, so ayu.. " Hehehe.. Okie dokie, we can't wait to see the 'drama', and please let us know bila siaran yer.. Take care!


Mummy and Aunty Steph, yup.. That's my mummy, with our gifts and baloon, to the birthday girl..

We are 'The Mamas'.. From left, me, Baizura, Fatin, Steph and Engkuyah..

Fadd, Ryan ( Steph's son ), me and Aidan.. "Fadd, mana anak you, silap baby lerr.. kekeke"

I just love this picture.. daddy and Aidan.. Anak cina saya!!

Yup, The Papas.. :))

The Mamas, and mulut terkumai kamit i.. Lekat plak habit Aidan waktu tido dia dekat i.. Kekeke..

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