Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How cute!! Super Duper cute!!

I love following Corey Moortgat latest projects, she's like my idol when it comes to 'be creative!'.. You guys should see for yourself.. All the things that she made for her kids.. Oh so lovely!! From scrapbooks, toys, clothes, blankets, you name it.. She did them all by herself, and they are all amazing.. I've been following her projects, since last year and each time, there will be something different and new and will leave me with.. ' awwwwwww, that's so sweet!'.. kikiki..

But most of her projects are sometimes a little bit 'retro?'.. Should i say ' vintage'??? yeah.. Vintage is pretty much the word, and for those with modern taste, you may find it 'interesting!' but not as 'great!' 'amazing' or 'wawaweeee!!'.. hehehe..

I am soooooo into few of her projects, and i feel like trying out myself.. Some of them look so easy to do, and forget the hard ones.. Hehehe.. But, i really need.....





Sewing and embroidery machine!!


I will work for this machine once i moved in to my new house.. Kesian plak TokMa nyer house i kerjakan kalau i dah beli machine ni.. But tak nak la yang mahal.. Yang murah and for trial dulu.. Hehehe.. But i am SO SURE that my mother in law likes this stuff too.. I still remember, sharing with her about my project for Aidan during my preggie time, Aidan's romper that i personalized myself with his name infront (cross stitch style) and she looked at it, and smile, and said she did few herself last time, and one is still here, decorate the staircase area.. :)) But hers is not a romper la, but one nice picture of a scenery that she framed nicely.. :)

This is Corey's baby blanket that she made for her daughter, Avery.. Sweet kan??

Her two sons, Riley and Noah, dah besar pun.. And now, they too help the mother bab2 arts nih.. hehehe.. This is when Corey asked them to coose their own fabrics for their 'monster' soft toy.. :) and let them helped fill in the cottons inside.. :) sweet kan?

Riley with his own Monster - inspired by himself.. :)

... and ofcoz, Noah, with his version.. :))

And these are mine.. For my darling, Aidan..

I miss all these.. I need a sewing machine!! Can you imagine me with a sewing machine??? Like, REALLY?? Why not, kan?? :)) Mana lah tau, kalau dah pandai boleh buat baju raya plak lepas nih.. Hahaha.. Masa tuh baru you guys tau.. Hahaha.. Macam best jer kan??! :P

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