Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thanks Tokba!!

Attention to all mummies!! All babies need DISTRACTION TOYS!!

Yesterday, my Tokba bought me a toy, which mummy called it a Distraction Toy.. I was and still am so happy to receive my first ever present from my Tokba.. Tokba did promise to buy it for me since last week, due to my merengek and nangis without reasons that sometimes lead my mom to simply put down the wet clothes yang nak dijemur, the bottles that need to be washed, the pinggan mangkuk kat dapur tuh, ( and the lists go on and on and on ), and just hang out with me, right infront of my face.. BUT, i love to have my mummy with me.. :)) CHETTT!! ( mummy perasan.. kekeke..)

So, why do you ( mummies ) need to have this DISTRACTION TOYS?? My mummy did browse about it, and here is what you need to know :

Distraction Toys- enable children to turn their attention away from stressful situations and immerse themselves in play. These toys invite children of all ages to escape and explore, enabling them to cope. FOR MUMMIES WITH HOUSE CHORES, this is an ESSENTIAL!! kekeke.. :))

Other categories of Toys are:

Light- up Toys- provide visual feedback and stimulation to both low vision and sighted children. Although lighting up is the primary function of these toys, all provide multi-sensory experiences.
Sound Toys- offer auditory feedback, enhance language and motor skills, develop spatial intelligence and understanding of cause and effect.

Sound and Light Toys- offer both auditory and visual feedback. Although producing sound and light is the primary function of these toys, each requires the child to perform a task to elicit these responses, re-enforcing understanding of cause and effect and refining motor skills.

Texture Toys- provide oppportunities to use touch to explore similarities and differences and to learn words to describe these characterisitics. Developing tactile discrimination skills enriches sighted children and lays the foundation for blind children to learn braille.

Oral Motor Toys- aid in developing oral motor skills necessary for eating and speech. Tooting, humming, whistling, and blowing toys exercise facial and oral muscles and encourage deep breathing and controlled blowing.

Multi- Purpose Toys- The versatility of Multi-Purpose Toys facilitates motor, language, and cognitive development.
... and my toy that Tokba bought me also, has Sound and Light and Multipurpose characteristics.. :)) SUPER!!
We did make a 'Thank You Tokba!' wish through video, but mummy said, maybe because of the file size that is too big, we couldn't get it posted here.. Takper lah, still..

Aidan with his gift, Pooh and his moving cart.. :)) To make sure that it doesn't move too far from Aidan, Tokba put it on a tray, which is so.. cute!! :))

Still, enjoying the sound of it, walaupun kadang2 nak gak pandang at Tokma yang sedang menjemur kain kat luar tuh.. :))

With Aniq, enjoying the spectacular performance of the Pooh! hehehe..

Tap your buddy left and right, and say 'Come on, buddy!!'.. :))

All serious, he is thinking, guys.. See, the toy really makes him, think! Why, Where When, How, and ofcoz, Who?? :))

Aidan, mummy will be so proud of you, if you continue this attitude to share your toys with your friends.. hehehe.. Kids! :P

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