Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going for H1N1 jab..
Aunty Jaja reminded me about this vaccine last week, and since Aidan is 7 months now, i am thinking of bringing him to get his H1N1 jab.. Ofcoz, for mummy and daddy, we are also looking forward for it.. Well, the fact that it is better to prevent than cure, i am willing to be this so called 'mulut pot pet' towards daddy, so that takder nak tunda2 time or anything like that.. So, as a very concern mummy, i have already planned on the date, and venue, clinic mana yang kitorang shall visit to get this H1N1 vaccine..

So, sebelum apa2 pun, mummy did make some research about the vaccine, and how important it is for us, and did come across this article that says, it is advisable to jab your infant when he is 6 months and above.. So, lagi la mummy rasa ini perlu, and penting dari spend money on something else.. Hehehe.. In Aidan's case, more toys! ( don't blame me, he is his daddy's son..) Hehehe..

To my beloved family, friends and bloggers, jom H1N1 jab SATU!!

Mummy, Daddy, Aidan : KAMI PRIHATIN!! ( Tiba2..) kekeke.. :P

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