Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mummy's latest project for Aidan : His own LIVERPOOL jersey/ romper.. :)

Why do we need this jersey/romper??

Actually a friend of mine, Liz ( Lizzie as a mummy ), our future neighbour in Cahaya, invited us to his son's ( Aiden - nama sama lerrrr.. :P ) 1st Birthday Party!! Weeeee!! It will be held next Saturday, at Greens III, Sports Wing, Tropicana Golf Club.. Ofcoz we want to be part of it, as i really wanna see how the mummy, yup Liz, i wanna see you, soooooo excited in celebrating the little one for the VERY FIRST TIME! and ofcoz, lagi tengok mummy2 excited, lagi tak sabar for me to celebrate my Aidan pula this coming September.. Well, the first birthday, for sure sweet sangat, and memorable to the parents ofcoz!! :))

Okay, the theme chosen by Liz, is 'Football' and everyone is expected to wear any jersey from any club you support.. And in our case, daddy and mummy, we don't really support any, and that football is not our thing.. Kakaka.. So camner?? Huhuhu.. I decided to just bring Aidan with his Adidas romper, so that, although tak nampak like a jersey, still feeling sporty tuh ada.. Hahaha.. But, knowing me, i love to dress my son according to theme.. Like, for a dress code event, i prefer for him to wear his shirt with a bow ( ohhh, Aidan got 2 bows.. one in red, and the other is polka dots, orange and green.. chomeiii.. :) ), for a kenduri or majlis tahlil, i love to see him with his white jubah and kopiah, and for the birthday parties, stick to the birthday theme, in order to support the event more.. :)

So, dah banyak tempat i carik for baby jersey, but size Aidan takder.. Banyaknye for those yang umur 2 tahun ke atas, and obviously lah BIG! So, i decided to make his own jersey, using his romper.. But now, the question plak, club mana?? * Scratch2.. Kakaka.. Fikir punya fikir, and that with the romper yang Aidan ada and agak bersesuaian, mummy fikir, it's either Chelsea or Liverpool.. But WAIT!! Remember tak mummy nyer entry about our darling Dr Cheng?? With his tag line question " Daddy, daddy Mu ka Liverpool?? " each time pegi jumpa dia, as if, dia tak recall yang dia tanya soalan yang sama each time we visited him?? YAAAAAAA!! Oleh itu, we decided to support Liverpool, as i believe he is one BIG FAN of this club.. So LIVERPOOL!! Kakaka..

With the existing Mothercare romper, yang white and red in color, i decided to make a jersy romper out of it.. Since ada gambar kereta infront, i used Liverpool iron- on logo, which covers major part of the 'car'.. and may come up with other way to cover the rest that are still visible.. But, since mummy thought i actually did it right, i got it wrong kay?? Mummy had no idea that i need to cover the sticker with kain first and iron on top of it.. Ni tak, mummy iron it directly atas sticker tuh, and ofcoz, sticker tuh melekat, and bila nak tarik, alamak!! ROSAKKKKKK!!! Huhuhu..

But, mummy just know what to do with it, just that, kena tunggu besoklah untuk betulkan the logo part.. The rest, mummy buat just now.. I did the back part, with Aidan's name and his jersey number.. We picked 10, sebab, hahahaha.. Actually, mummy guna stcikers alphabets yang duluyer stick kat BUMBO Aidan.. Takder numbering pun sticker tuh, So, 10 represents I and O sebenarnyer.. That's the only number yang cantik, selain 11 which kena guna dua BIG 'I' plak, so, tak boleh.. 10 it is!! The stickers are actually blue in color, but mummy guna marker merah jer, and now, they are red in color, and masuk lah dengan team Liverpool Aidan tuh.. :)

Mummy just love the outcome, and walaupun takder lah nampak macam jersey yang betul, but then, i love the fact that i can do this for my son, malam2 macam ni.. Hahaha.. Tadi usha gk kat internet, mana la tau ada baby jersey yang boleh i beli.. Tapi dah sold out, yang ada, semuanyer yang di UK, and mahal sangat.. Tuh tak masuk nak hantar lagi, and nak tunggu lagi, nak kena basuh dulu lagi.. So, takut tak sempat jer.. Okaylah kan, outcome last minute macam ni.. :P Kekeke..

So, wait for the final outcome yaaaa.. :) Apa2 pun Aidan, mummy harap Aidan suka jersey ni, and mummy akan put it in a frame later on for you.. We shall hang it on your bedroom wall kay, and ehem2.. with MY SIGNATURE ON IT!! Kakaka!! :P

To Aunty Liz, we can't wait for Saturday!! :)) Mmmuaxx!!

What mummy need:

Red and White romper
Alphabets stickers ( mummy got a lot, sebab mummy suka recycle.. These are the ones mummy paste on Aidan nyer bumbo last time.. :) )
Red marker
ohhh ya, Lverpool iron- on logo :) Ngeee!!

The process :

10, for.. ten ten ten !! :P

Yer ker BIG FAN?? Ker nak nampak chomei ja?? *Scratch2.. :P

Iron- on yang rosak, akan digantikan dengan yang baru.. tomowwowwww.. Yeahhhh!! :P

p/s : Thanks Tokma, sebab ajar mummy tadi macam mana nak guna iron- on betul2.. Kakaka.. Mummy shall apply the knowledge tomorrow yerrr.. :)

p/s: Kak Farah, Mummy kata, kalau kitorang minat bola, mesti pilih MU punya!! Kakakaka.. Kak Farah kitorang BIG FAN okay, pukul 2 ka, pukul 4 ka, pukul 6 ka, LIVE bola, dia akan berjaga!! Waaahhhhhh!! :P Kakakaka..
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