Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This time with Zach, it's all about Pokemon.. Hehehe.. Alang did get him a set of Pokemon collections of 40, and i got him only 3! Hahaha.. It's okay Zach, i'll make sure you get a lot more before you off back to AZ.. Ngeeeee!! :P

They have grown up, and i feel so old!

Great, he called me 'Ateh' when my so- called pangkat is actually 'achu or Maksu'! Hehehe.. This is so funny, really.. I was referring to Zach, my nephew who came back for a 2 months holiday here, from Arizona.. In stead of calling me by the right title, he went all the way with confidence, calling me Ateh - Ateh is his mother's title.. Huhuhu.. So, me- Ateh it is.. :)

Zach came back with my sister and his sweet pinky cheek sister, Hannah aka Yaya.. We didn't see each other for 2 years now, and gosh! both of them are already BIG in size, and i could see changes from the way they speak, interact, and see things.. They are all grown up, and i miss their 'manja2' time.. Huhuhu.. Seeing my sister also is something that i am grateful for, not that we didn't communicate at all when they were in AZ, but it sure is different, to be able to see her here, and to know that she is doing so well, in health, physical, mental, and spiritual.. Just great!

Yesterday also was the first time that my sister got the chance to see Aidan, face to face, and her first reaction was' Anak Cina mana ni?' which is not something new to me, and i love this anak cina so mucho chucho.. Hahaha.. Nak gak selit.. :P Aidan being Aidan, the friendly baby, didn't really mind being lifted up by any new faces that he met, and i just love the concept of 'getting along' with other people, and cry2 each time he sees mummy is a BIG NO NO!

So, the feeling of missing my sister and her kids has not fully faded away just yet, and my understanding hubby decided to stay for few more days here.. Yeepee! Thanks hubby! Mmmuaxx!!

* Looking forward for our outings to the zoo and stuff, and also coming June's family holiday to PD, all the anak Pak Mat's and family! Yeahhh!!

**** Welcoming my new friend, Lissa.. A new blogger mummy, with the same taste on things, same ideas, and hobbies.. :)) Hoorrayyyy!!

Zachyyyy!! :)

Hannah Banana, Soraya Papaya.. As she called herself.. :)

Our Ateh Basharah.. We love her dearly.. :)
P/s: Welcome home guys.. :)

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