Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day Daddy! and.. this year, we shall celebrate you! Yeahhh!!

This year is awesome.. Aidan and mummy get to celebrate our dearesat daddy for the first time.. Happy Father's Day daddy! :))

This year, we are planning to celebrate daddy's special day in Port Dickson, and our pick this time, is the Legend International Water Homes, a very beautiful, yet romantic getaway, and ofcoz the right place to celebrate daddy.. Since my sisters are also going for a trip there, we decided to join them, and forget that 'romantic getaway' for awhile, and enjoy the 'fun' being with my family, and at the same time, yup, celebrating him! :)) hehehe.. It will be an awesome trip, since we are really looking forward for it.. One simple- but- with- lots- of- love celebration, will definitely leave a smile on his face.. I hope soooo.. hehehe.. Shhhhhhhh.. It's a secret!

We shall upload the pictures when we got back here, and we shall leave for PD tomorrow, looking forward for more splash2, under the sun.. :)) Come on Aidan, get those shades on!! Huhuhu.. :)
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