Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now, when was the last time you, hula hoop??

Kekeke.. OMG!! Is there any Primary Asmarians here?? If any.. do you guys still remember our school's dental clinic, yup, the one next to 'Sports and Equipment room'?? Huhuhu.. I still remember, that every 6 months, our school would call the students for a dental check up, and while waiting for our turns, the kids, especially, those with sedikit 'perangai' would find ways on how to unlock the sports equipment room, and got ourselves, a HULA HOOP, each! Hahaha..

So funny, and i miss those days.. Wow!! Really muchhhh.. I miss my primary days, secondary days.. Oh men.. How i wish i could turn back time, and lead my life one more time.. And this time, i may do it differently, and who knows, it may lead me to different things in life.. Hahaha.. Best kan??

Okay, that's not what i want to share today.. It's Hula Hoop.. Have you tried it before?? Looking back, hula hooping is much easier back then, but now, i can't even do it, like AT ALL!! Mak aii.. tulang keras ker, atau faktor usia nih? Hehehe.. I don't know.. But it sure is a sign of something.. Hahaha.. :P To all the pretty girls out there, hula hooping is fun, and it helps you to maintain that cut and curve kay?? Use it as one of your exercise routine.. :)) Aiyaaaaa!! Hahaha..

It is much easier, just by looking at them.. Nurin is still learning, Zach, semi-pro, and Yaya, the pro.. Hahaha.. She can do it for hundred plus.. But, blame the 'kaftan' okay?? :P

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