Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let's make some 'Animal' foam shapes!

Remember i wrote here about Aidan's upcoming mural?? The one for his room and his playroom? Hmmm.. Been thinking of doing something else now.. Hehehe.. But i still want to come up with one mural.. Maybe for his bedroom.. :)

As for his playroom, i have decided to come up with something simple, yet fun! Well, i love animal prints, or cars and trucks, and i decided to come up with something that i called - Animal or Car and Trucks Foam Shapes, Super Cute!! I got the idea from the foam that i saw in the stationary shop near my sis's, and the idea just came out of no where.. And i just love it!

Yup, you can also use wall stickers, and it is also pretty.. I love the ones i saw in Ikea, yup, the Barnslig and few others.. Just adorable.. Hubby did mention about using this wall stickers for the playroom, as it goes well with the whole theme, but i decided to make my own, as i love the effect of the whole thing.. The foam may give 3D effects and i can decide on the size and stuff.. Well, this is just a plan.. :) Anything will do, but as for now, i am all in love with the foams.. Hehehe.. The colorful foams! and it's cheaper if i can make my own..

Aidan's Pop- up book is still in its process.. Hahaha.. Let's do the 'foam- thingy' first kay?? I am sooooo, in love with the idea.. Oh man! :P

See the 3D effects.. So NICE!! Let's make the wall alive!

Super CUTE!

Flat version, but i love the 3D version..

Tigers, and Zebra, and Elephant too.. Monkey and Giraffe, and Crocodile too.. :))

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